Why ARTSAN Energy?

As Artsan Energy, we work to provide more reliable, more efficient and higher quality energy. Power electronics solutions such as transformers, rectifiers and voltage regulators that we produce in our Istanbul factory are preferred in many countries of the world as well as in Turkey.


The Most Accurate solutions for the transformers you need

Artsan transformers, which are produced in different input-output voltages and powers according to the needs, are produced by using high-permeability iron core and high-quality copper and aluminum wires.

Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformers are used for galvanic isolation and changing the voltage level as needed.

Isolation Transformers
Medical Transformer

Medical transformers are transformers used for isolation purposes in critical environments such as hospitals and operating rooms where human health and safety are at the forefront.

Medical Transformers
Auto Transformer

Auto type transformers are used to reduce or increase the voltage level to the desired values without providing galvanic isolation.

Auto Transformers
Motor Starter Transformer

They are auto type transformers used to limit the high inrush current drawn by asynchronous motors at the start and to reduce the starting mechanical torque.

Motor Starter Transformers
Marine Transformer

Marine transformers, are isolation transformers suitable for heavy working conditions, used in the ships, shipyard and maritime sector.

Marine Transformer
Shunt Reactor

They are solutions that provide to protect the system balance by balancing the active and reactive power increases that cause the frequency and voltage to drop in the mains electricity.

Shunt Reactors

Most Effective Solutions for Voltage Surge Problems

Artsan Voltage Regulators protect critical systems in the best way by preventing electrical problems such as voltage drops and voltage spikes, which are frequently encountered in the city network.

Static Stabilizer

They are automatic voltage regulators with the structure of correcting fluctuating mains voltage at very high speeds. It is especially preferred in sensitive machines due to its high correction speed. Since they do not contain mechanical and moving parts, they do not encounter wear problems and can be used with a longer life.

Static Voltage Stabilizers
Servo Stabilizer

It is a voltage regulator that regulates voltage under microprocessor control with the help of servo motor, variac and transformer against voltage fluctuations. Artsan Servo Regulators are manufactured with high quality materials that provide high efficiency operation at full load even under heavy working conditions.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Our other solutions that we produce


Artsan Rectifiers is an AC/DC Rectifier and charger that will provide stable DC voltage for your critical loads while ensuring your high-capacity battery packs are safely charged.


It is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). It is converted to single-phase 220V or three-phase 380V AC voltage in sinus form with 12V, 24V or 48V direct current inverter stored in the batteries.

Frequency Converter

It is used for devices that are powered by AC voltage and require a different frequency other than the current mains frequency. The network frequency can be 400Hz and 60Hz and 50Hz between countries.

Frequency Converters