Medical Transformer

Medical transformers are transformers specially designed to feed extremely sensitive and critical loads used in hospitals and clinics.

Critical electrical devices are used in hospitals, especially in operating rooms and intensive care units. It is necessary to prevent damage to patients and healthcare teams due to leakage current that may occur in these devices and in the event of malfunctions in the electrical network.

Medical transformers are produced with high insulation reinforcement between the windings and between the winding and the body, thus protecting the energy systems in health institutions and providing high security for human health, systems and devices.

Artsan Medical transformers, which we produce as single-phase and three-phase, are produced in accordance with customer needs with different input and output voltages.


Much lower inrush current (<12*In),
Much better voltage regulation (<3%),
Much lower no-load current (<3%),
Near zero leakage current,
Special middle tip to measure the insulation level,
Built-in PTC for temperature measurement,
Vacuum varnishing for quiet operation and protection against moisture,
Production under ISO 9001 quality management.


Operating Rooms
intensive care rooms
Premature baby rooms
Cardiac catheterization chambers
Angiographic examination rooms
wake up rooms