Auto Transformer

Autotransformers are used in environments where only voltage levels need to be lowered or increased and isolation is not required, without providing galvanic isolation. Auto type transformers, which are smaller and lighter than isolation transformers, offer a lower cost solution with this feature.

It can be produced as 1 phase or 3 phase according to the need. Electrical connections are provided by busbars or terminal blocks. Production can be made with any type of connection in line with customer demands.

Unlike isolation transformer, their dimensions change according to voltage values. Auto type transformers, whose input and output voltages can vary up to 3000V, can be produced with extra output terminals and screen windings depending on customer demand.

Artsan Auto transformers; low loss and quiet thanks to high magnetic permeability siliceous sheet cores. Windings can be manufactured from electrolytic copper or electrolytic aluminum upon request. All winding ends have been moved to suitable terminals, and are optionally manufactured with or without a shield.

As Artsan Energy, we produce as single-phase and three-phase, in the desired voltage range and power range from 30 VA to 1500 kVA.


Iron core with high magnetic permeability,
Optional copper or aluminum winding,
Class 1 transformer,
Terminal or lug connection,
Low loss, high efficiency,
Vacuum varnishing, which provides silent operation and protection against moisture,
CE certified and compatible with TS EN 61558-2-4 standard


engine starts,
voltage regulation,
Energy efficient circuits
lighting systems
automation systems