Variacs are basically electrical devices that allow the alternating voltage applied at the input to be manually converted to a desired voltage at the output. It is also called adjustable autotransformer or adjustable autotransformer.

Variacs, which consist of a toroidal sheet core and enameled copper wire wound on it, differ from other transformers and transformers with its structure with a movable shaft. A moving carbon brush rotates on the windings between 0-330 degrees, creating variable voltage stages. The carbon brush moving on the windings can be adjusted manually or controlled by servo motors as needed.

Variac structure and types;

While round core is used in toroidal variac type, square core is used in columnar variac solutions. In both variac devices, a core produced from siliceous sheets with values between 10,000 and 22,000 gausse is used. The windings are wrapped around the core by compressing enameled copper wires. Insulation is removed with the help of abrasive on one surface of the copper winding. Output voltage at different stages is obtained by moving the conductor attached to the round wheel-shaped variac coal and the copper wires whose insulation has been removed. There is no voltage interruption while changing the output voltage.

As Artsan Energy, we also manufacture boxed variacs with IP20 or special protection class, which are generally preferred in laboratories to obtain different voltage values. There are voltmeter, ammeter, born terminals where output connections can be made and variac adjustment scale on the boxed variac.

Our regulated variac or regulated transformer solutions, which are produced as standard between 1 KVA and 15 KVA, as 1 phase (monophase) or 3 phase (three phase), can also be produced without a box or with a box, at higher powers and higher voltages, according to demand.

Monophase Boxed Variac;

It is an adjustable variac system that allows to adjust the city network 220 V AC electricity to a desired voltage between 0-220 VAC. They are adjustable test devices that allow manual or motorized adjustment.

Three-Phase Box Variac;

These are the test devices that allow to adjust the 3-phase 380 VAC mains voltage between the desired values.

Panel Type Variacs;

They are open type variacs produced for use in test boards depending on the project. It can be produced as single-phase and three-phase.

Boxed Variac General Properties;

  • Monophase (1 Phase) and Three Phase (3 Phase) production
  • 1 Phase / 0-220 V AC / 0-250 V AC / 0-300 V AC Output
  • 3 Phase / 0-380 V AC / 0-430 V AC / 0-519 V AC Output
  • Digital voltmeter and digital ammeter
  • Special production in different power and voltage depending on the need
  • Transformer and transformerless manufacturing option
  • Motorized control working structure (Optional)
  • 100% Domestic Production