Marine Transformer

Marine transformers, also called shore isolation transformers, are transformers designed for heavy use conditions to be used in shipyards and ships.

They are manufactured in such a way that two different windings with the same input and output voltages are electrically isolated from each other. Thanks to the insulation between the windings, problems such as phase/neutral/earth faults on the supply side and electrical shocks, device and system failures that may occur due to electrical noise can be prevented.

Marine type transformers are designed to prevent the formation of corrosion in the windings and electrical connection points due to the excessive and continuous vibration experienced on the ships, loosening that may occur in the transformer mechanics or the windings, and the salty and humid weather conditions in the seas. The windings are completely protected by tape wrapping impregnated with thermosetting resin or by filling with epoxy resin under vacuum.

Artsan marine transformers are specially designed and produced as 1-phase and 3-phase, with different input and output voltages and power ranges from 30 VA – 1500 kVA.

Lloyd approval certificate is obtained optionally for ship type transformers produced in accordance with CE and TSE Standards.


isolated structure,
000 – 22.000 gausse sheet metal
Aluminum and copper foil wrap,
Terminal or lug connection,
IP20 and IP 65 protection class.