What is CNC Transformer?

What is CNC Transformer?

What is CNC Transformer?

CNC machines are machines that automatically perform operations such as cutting, drilling, grinding, milling using a computer program. In these machines, the electrical power used to control the motion of the workpiece must be properly converted. This is where the need for CNC transformer comes into play.cnc trafosu

CNC transformer is an electrical transformer that is generally used for power supply of CNC machines. It converts the alternating current (AC) coming to the primary winding from a certain voltage level to another voltage level. This conversion provides the correct power and voltage levels required for CNC machines to operate. The CNC transformer ensures that the electrical current is properly transmitted to the power supply unit and that the CNC machines operate correctly.

CNC transformers are generally designed as high-frequency transformers, as CNC machines often contain high-frequency electronic components and systems. These transformers are specially designed to minimize energy losses and provide a more efficient power conversion. In addition, CNC transformers must have appropriate protection and safety measures to meet isolation, isolation, regulation and safety requirements. In this way, the CNC transformer is considered an important component to improve the performance, reliability and efficiency of CNC machines.

CNC transformers have various features. Here are some commonly found features:

  1. Voltage Conversion: CNC transformers convert the electrical current coming to the primary winding from a certain voltage level to another voltage level. This provides the appropriate power levels required for CNC machines to operate.
  2. High Frequency Design: CNC machines often have high frequency electronic components and systems. Therefore, CNC transformers are designed as high frequency transformers. This design is important to minimize energy losses and provide a more efficient power conversion.
  3. Efficiency: The efficiency of CNC transformers is important. An efficient transformer has less energy losses, so less heat is produced and less energy is consumed. This reduces operating costs and enables the CNC machine to operate more economically.
  4. Insulation and Protection: CNC transformers should be equipped with insulation, protection and safety measures. Appropriate insulation materials should be used to minimize risks such as electric shocks, overcurrent and overvoltage. In addition, transformers must have protections to prevent overheating.
  5. Regulation: CNC transformers must be designed to provide regulation of the power supply. That is, it must provide a stable output to provide the desired voltage and current levels. This ensures that CNC machines can perform precise operations accurately and consistently.
  6. Size and Weight: The size and weight of CNC transformers must be suitable for the installation and use of CNC machines. It should be placed in harmony with the machine and ease of transport should be provided.

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The specific specifications of CNC transformers may vary depending on the manufacturer, application requirements and local electrical standards. Therefore, it is important to study the technical specifications for a particular CNC transformer.

As Artsan Energy, CNC transformers are produced in auto and isolated structure, with copper and aluminum windings, in accordance with the needs. 1-phase (monophase) and/or 3-phase (three-phase) transformers are manufactured to provide the necessary power and input – output voltages for the long-lasting, uninterrupted and safe operation of CNC Machines and Wire Erosion. Artsan CNC transformer, which has a design with or without an external box, according to its use, is produced in accordance with European standards, CE, ISO 9001 quality management system.