What is Transformer?

What is Transformer?

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Transformer, also known as transformer, is one of the most basic units in an electrical system that transmits alternative energy from one circuit to another or several circuits. Now, let’s try to examine the answer to the question of what is a transformer in more detail.

Transformers are units used to raise or lower the alternating energy, ie AC voltage, without changing the frequency of the current, using the principle of electromagnetic induction. Transformers do this voltage switching process without a conductive connection between the two circuits. It basically consists of two parts. The first of these is the magnetic part called the core and forming the body of the transformer, and the other is the part consisting of the primary (input) and secondary (output) windings, also called the coil.


trafo yapısıWhat is Transformer Working Principle?

Transformers consist of insulated conductive windings wound on a magnetic body made of thin and siliceous sheets. The input of these windings, also called coils, is called the primary winding and the output is called the secondary winding. Transformers do not produce electrical energy. However, there may be small losses depending on the quality of the sheet and wire used.

The low voltage transformer models that we manufacture as Artsan Energy vary according to the purpose of use.


What are the types of transformers?

1- Transformer Types by Core Type:

  • Mantel Type Transformer
  • Toroidal Type Transformer

2- Kullanım Amacına Göre Trafo Çeşitleri:

  • Isolation Transformer
  • Auto Transformer

3- Transformer Types According to the Number of Phases:

  • 1 Phase Transformer
  • 3 Phase Transformer